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Methodist Manor Retirement Community (MMRC) is pleased to announce a partnership with OPN Architects of Cedar Rapids for initial building plans to construct a new 93 bed skilled nursing facility.

The scope of this project aligns with the goals of our strategic plan. A new building will solve 3 key challenges that the skilled nursing facility is continually facing.
1) Inability to operate at our licensed capacity
2) Institutional design of the existing facility
3) Meet the needs and requests of current residents as well as future generations

Methodist Manor Retirement Community has a license from the state to operate with 93 beds in its nursing facility. Over the years, due to regulation changes and the need for additional office space due to the demolition of the old hospital, we only have the ability to serve 78 members of the community. We are repeatedly hitting our ceiling and unfortunately have to refer families to look for alternative options when at capacity. Now, MMRC will be able to serve an additional 15 members of the community.

Our current structure has limitations due to the institutional design. Residents rooms are located in long corridors and services such as dining, activities, shower rooms, and beauty salon are provided at the end of the hallways. Each dining room serves 40 residents in a compact, cafeteria-style setting. Upon completion, there will be households of 14-18 residents where their rooms will open up to amenities in a central location, highlighted by a lakefront living room and dining room. Ultimately, the environment will truly feel like home, and match our facilities at Lake Pointe Villa and Otsego Place.

This project will be constructed for the needs of today's resident, but also with a focus on getting feedback from the community for what they expect to receive for amenities and services. The majority of residents in today's nursing homes share a room with someone, likely someone they did not know upon moving to the facility. Upon completion of the new building all residents at Methodist Manor Retirement Community will have a private room to themselves, should they desire. Consideration for spouses will also be given, as rooms with more square footage will be available as a "honeymoon suite" so that couples can continue to enjoy each other's company.

A host of amenities are available which include a large multi-purpose activity room that can be partitioned into two separate rooms (and a designated chapel area), two outdoor patio areas, two guest suites for family visitors to stay on campus, and a state-of-the-art therapy center.

This nursing facility will change the atmosphere in which long-term care is provided in the area. This is not just a facility for Storm Lake, but becomes more of a regional center for long-term care in the area considering the development of BVRMC and the number of clinicians that serve this area through the specialty clinic. This household model is unlike anything available in Buena Vista or the surrounding counties. Opening of the new building is scheduled for Summer 2018.